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We differentiate ourselves in the business market.
Trizou is a Bussiness Consultancy that provides the expertise to make your projects a success. As part of the Trizou Group, we also offer accounting, finance and recruiting services.

Our core principle is to achieve your goal within your budget and to help you get the most out of what you currently have.
We believe planning is key, but without transformation, action and commitment it will just be an idea.

Regardless of whether we are working for one person to buy a business or to expand a business on local councils, our principle is always "Client First". Our actions are to protect and deliver to all of our customers and our internal systems check this as a measure of our customers' delivery and satisfaction.

Finally, we use experience. Our consultants are experts in their field and you will work with them.

Who we are

Whether you need early guidance to avoid the downside of more formal action or are looking for the best path for a company that needs formal procedures with over-the-counter experience, our management consultants can help.

Who we help

Our employees' commitment to providing personal service is what sets us apart - regardless of where you are and where your ambitions lead you. Whether your company is well established, growing or facing difficulties, Trizou - we can help you.

Our Vision

Recognition as a leading restructuring and insolvency provider for SMEs. We work as a dedicated team to provide vital advice to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and reliability.