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How long does a management consulting project take?

The duration of a management consulting project varies and is based on a number of factors including:

a) Business needs and challenges
b) budget
c) size of the organization or team
d) Scope of the consulting project

The duration of our consulting engagements varied from a few days for a quick training assessment to a few years for business change management and business transformation initiatives.

How do I become a management consultant?
If you are an expert in your chosen field and have extensive industry experience, taking your career to the next level can be difficult. As a business consultant, you can use your expertise, knowledge and skills to help people grow their businesses. It’s a great way to work for yourself in what can be a very lucrative industry.
From creating a business plan to protecting your business as your business grows, Trizou is here to help. Our guide will help you understand the seemingly complicated world of consulting and support you on your way to a career as a management consultant.
Which industries do you know well?

Hopefully by this point you will have had some career behind you. In which industries? Or which industries are you most interested in? Have you shown interest in any area in your private life? Do you have hobbies related to specific areas of industry?

The best business starts with the back of an envelope. So take one and write down four sectors or niches that you are comfortable with today. These can be electrical components, IT, photography, and golf. Whatever You Like.