trizou How design achieved InTouch’s Business Brand

January 20, 2021by Gavin0

The new way of working was fully accepted. Now the InTouch team regularly uses two design approaches. a modified sprint or full sprint. In the case of modified sprints, existing functions or feedback from beta products are taken into account. Full sprints focus on developing new modules.
InTouch Technology, the world’s leading software company, invested time, money and energy in reviewing its entire development cycle, including everyday scrums and stand-ups. The daily business development looked good. However, President & believed that feature development time was inefficient, and therefore was not meeting market needs at time of launch. We have been asked to fill the gap.
Tools can help you gain insights into customer needs, goals, and behavior. We prototyped new user workflows and a number of action-based archetypes to aid in product and development decisions. We have assigned important paths and problems to the product roadmap in order to set priorities and analyze gaps.

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