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Trizou helped run our previous campaigns and significantly increased our online presence. Sometimes they take on more responsibility than our team and it is almost as if they are now part of our club. The service is always very nice, genuine and warm, that’s why we keep coming back.


Trizou’s knowledge of GDPR and database management proved to be industry leaders. Thanks to his expertise, we were able to plan a new surveying and marketing program within a few days. It was a surprise to us that this group of young people would be so well informed just a few months after the new law came into force.


We were looking for support in building our business, but could not find reliable advice that is actually digitally competent. Most of the other IT services we contacted were just too old and had no contact with new trends and technologies. Jeff took care of us immediately after we filed the recall.


We previously contacted Trizou consultants to develop a new business strategy to attract more clients to the real estate business. I have found Trizou to be valued business partners whom I can rely on for their exceptional business and customer service. Thank you to the Trizou team for your exceptional support.


I really appreciate the Trizou teams and have been instrumental in helping the business organically. I am impressed with Trizou’s dedicated teams / consultants who have broader hands-on experience, skills and understanding of general business issues and cases such as strategic business analysis.


Trizou manages to be both supportive and excitingly challenging. We chose him to develop our business strategy in a different way. He challenged us to look and think outside the box and come up with a creative strategy to ensure we move forward over the next few years.