trizou Transformational Customer Service

January 25, 2021by Gavin0

The Customer Experience Framework we developed is a powerful tool. It belongs to the customer service team and has been used to quickly align the delivery teams and make the investment strategy clearer across the commercial bank.

The bank’s strategy could be implemented at the same time as efficiently prioritizing the backlog in service transformation. Operations teams immediately set about changing the smallest things that would make the biggest difference to the customer’s service experience before developing new desirable digital services that would significantly reduce their service costs.

However, the biggest impact came from the customers themselves, whose insight and feedback gave C-Suite and teams the confidence that they were delivering the right things in the right way and in the right order.
Next, we made sure that the insights were applied directly to the design of the new service model. We have supported banking and third-party teams in prioritizing their backlog of future services and aligning themselves with a common vision for the future. Different groups of stakeholders began to align and the teams focused on delivering the experiences that were most valuable to their customers.

Together we designed a strategic customer experience framework and defined the essential service model components for digital and telephony. Promoting and securing the acceptance of preferred channels by customers.

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